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20w06a is the first snapshot for Java Edition 1.16 "Nether Update", and the first snapshot of 2020. Released on February 5, it adds several new Nether Update features, such as a new tier of tools and armor known as Netherite and several mobs, blocks, and biomes.

Additions[edit | edit source]

Biomes[edit | edit source]

Warped Forest[edit | edit source]

Warped Forest

Warped Nylium carpets the biome with weird vegetation carpeting the floor. Warped Stems are the "trees" with Shroomlights inside of them. The trees have Warped Wart Blocks as leaves and Warped Stems as the logs. It sure looks weird, but is not very hostile and a good place to base. Endermen spawn here.

Crimson Forest[edit | edit source]

Crimson Nylium acts as the floor here, with more weird vegetation, and Crimson Stems. Shroomlights also spawn here, with weeping vines and Crimson Logs all over the "tree". A new mob, the Hoglin, lives here.

Soul Sand Valley[edit | edit source]

A nether desert filled with Soul Sand and Soul Soil. Pillars of Basalt tower this biome, with lots skeletons all over. Watch out for Ghasts, because if they set soul soil on fire, they create Soul Fire. You might find some Nether Fossils here. This place is a very dangerous biome.

Items[edit | edit source]

Netherite[edit | edit source]

A new armor and weapon type stronger than diamond! It is found from smelting Netherite Scrap, and putting four netherite scrap and four gold in a crafting table. Once you do that, put some in a crafting table with some diamond armor or items and you will get a Netherite item.It is immune to lava.

Basalt[edit | edit source]

Basalt is a new block that generates in pillars above soul sand valleys. It currently cannot be crafted into anything.

Nylium[edit | edit source]

Crimson and warped nylium are blocks that generate on the floor of the Crimson and warped forests.

On top of Warped Nylium, Nether Sprouts, Roots and Warped Fungi will spawn.

On top of Crimson Nylium, Nether Roots and Crimson Fungi will spawn.

Weeping Vines[edit | edit source]

Weeping and twisting vines spawn on the bottom of the Huge Fungi and floor on the Crimson or Warped Nylium.

They cannot be climbed as of this snapshot, but can in later snapshots and the full release.

Soul Soil[edit | edit source]

Soul Soil is very similar to Soul Sand, but you walk slower on it, and when set on fire it creates Soul Fire.

At this point, it did not slow you down at all.

Nether Planks[edit | edit source]

Nether wood is similar to normal wood, complete with a new set of almost everything. It also will not burn at all.