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C#raft (pronounced like "craft"), or Chraft, is a Minecraft server written in C#.


The C#raft project was started by ementalo, PhonicUK, and Zenexer in an effort to replace CraftBukkit. All original authors were C# programmers, so it was quickly decided that the program would be written in C#. In addition, C# offers similar multi-platform support to Java, and features better performance and resource management. Shortly after the project was formed, lukegb from the Bukkit team joined as the continuous integration administrator. WedTM later heard about the project and offered to sponsor it, provided that the team maintained a professional development strategy.

For a while there was a development lull so ementalo decided to get things going again. The source was moved to Github and a new dedicated Website setup. ementalo then went onto recruit some more devs at which point spazzarama joined the team. Further down the line Smjert and Deniska(Gremlin13) also joined the team


  • Significantly reduced RAM/CPU consumption
  • IRC Support
  • Entity tracking
  • Multiworld support (not implemented yet)
  • Verbose settings
  • Inventory tracking: hack clients cannot spawn items
  • Terrain generation based on traditional generator
  • Biomes
  • Tree generation
  • Custom recipe support
  • Plugins in any .NET-supported language (C#, Python, C++, VB, Java, MSIL, etc.)
  • Maps saved in corruption-proof format: if server is suddenly stopped, map won't be corrupted
  • Constantly saves to prevent data loss
  • Constantly updates clientside map/entities to mitigate certain client bugs noticeable with the official server, such as players appearing half-underground
  • Permissions

In DevelopmentEdit

  • Bukkit API
  • Weather
  • Health/damage
  • Mob AI
  • Area-based chat (optional)
  • Documented plugin API
  • Looking-at support for plugins

Intrinsic CommandsEdit

  • /item
  • /give
  • /tp
  • /tphere
  • /list
  • /stop
  • /time
  • /spawn

External linksEdit

  1. Github space
  2. Official Site