1.8 - The Bountiful Update

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1.8, the first release of The Bountiful Update, was a major update to Minecraft: Java Edition, released on September 2, 2014.[1] The update made it easier for map makers to create adventure maps, whilst using the newly added Spectator Mode. It also added many new blocks, items, and mobs; added and extended many commands; and gave way for many more world customization options, among other things.

There were 52 snapshots and three pre-releases for 1.8.

Java Edition version history

Additions[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Chiseled and Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Cobblestone, and Mossy Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Beacon light beams now change color when going through stained glass/stained glass panes
  • Doors stack to 64, and give three instead of one when crafted
  • Furnaces now rewind at 2 times speed when they run out of fuel
  • Buttons can be placed on the ceiling and on the ground
  • Daylight sensors can now be inverted by right clicking
  • Mob heads are available in Survival
  • Monster Spawners can be right clicked with a spawn egg in hand to change what it produces
  • Updated mob AI for all mobs
  • Removed AI for Giants and Humans
  • Iron Golems no longer attack the player while in Creative Mode
  • Tamed Ocelots and Tamed Wolves display a death message in chat if they were named with a name tag
  • Arrows behave differently underwater, losing all velocity after a few blocks and slowly fall
  • Enchanting now costs Lapis Lazuli
  • Added new default skin with slim arms: Alex

Subsequent updates[edit | edit source]

1.8.1[edit | edit source]

Released on November 24, 2014, this update adds the doEntityDrops gamerule, adds proper color display support for new blocks on maps, and changes a few things including but not limited to:

This version had five pre-releases.

1.8.2[edit | edit source]

Released on February 19, 2015, this update adds 2 new Splash Texts, a frame-time graph to the Debug Screen, and many new statistics.

This version had seven pre-releases.

1.8.3[edit | edit source]

Released on February 20, 2015, this update fixed 11 issues - including a bug in 1.8.2 that caused a crash on world load.

1.8.4[edit | edit source]

Released on April 17, 2015, this update mostly fixed bugs, tweaked Spectator Mode and loading Head skins from Mojang servers.

1.8.5[edit | edit source]

Released on May 22, 2015, this update mostly fixed bugs, added one splash text, and removed splash texts related to Markus Persson.

1.8.6[edit | edit source]

Released on May 25, 2015, this update fixed one bug.

1.8.7[edit | edit source]

Released on June 5, 2015, this update fixed ten issues.

1.8.8[edit | edit source]

Released on July 27, 2015, this update fixed 38 issues. It also changed banners so that only up to sixteen layers are rendered. A new minigame was added to Realms as well.

1.8.9[edit | edit source]

Released on December 9, 2015, this update fixed thirteen issues, added a toggle to Realms notifications as well as optimized Realms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This version is most popular among servers because of the combat system prior to 1.9.
  • 1.8 was the only major update to Java Edition to be released in 2014.
  • At the time, this was the longest development cycle to a major update in the history of Minecraft, with the first snapshot coming out on January 9, 2014 – 236 days before the full release.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Minecraft 1.8: The Bountiful Update by Jens Bergensten – Mojang blog (archived)