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20w49a is the fourth snapshot for Java Edition 1.17, released on December 2, 2020. It add Sculk Sensors, the Dripstone Caves biome and the ability to expand the world height limit.

Additions[edit | edit source]

Sculk Sensor
  • A new Redstone component
  • Detects vibrations and emits a redstone signal
  • Vibrations can be occluded using wool blocks
  • Only obtainable via the Creative inventory or commands such as /give
Dripstone Caves biome
  • A new underground biome
  • Consists of primarily dripstone blocks and stone, as well as many pools of water and pointed dripstone on the floor and ceiling
  • Currently only generate using buffet worlds with Dripstone caves selected as the source biome or using custom world
Death Message
  • Added two death messages for being skewered by a falling stalactite

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Bundle fullness is now always shown even if advanced tooltips are disabled.
Custom dimensions
  • Added two variables to dimension types, allowing for the height limit to be increased in custom world settings
  • Removed max-build-height server setting