Activator Rail

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Activator Rail
First Appearance 1.5 (Snapshot 13w02a)
Type of Block Non-solid Block
Stackable Yes 64
For other Rail related objects found in Minecraft, see Rail (Disambiguation).

The Activator Rail is a type of Minecart-based rail that can set off minecarts with TNT, deactivate/activate minecarts with hopper, and drop off any player or entity inside the minecart. The activator rail must be powered to do this. It acts like a normal Rail when it's not powered.

Activator rails can be found in some Chest Minecarts in Abandoned Mineshafts.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Activator Rail x6
Iron Ingot Stick Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Redstone Torch Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Stick Iron Ingot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When a mob is disembarked out of a minecart after going over an activated activator rail, it can potentially get right back into the minecart and continue riding it.
  • The activator rail looks just like the powered rail but without the gold part.

Gallery[edit | edit source]