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First Appearance Java: 1.4.2 (12w41a)
Bedrock: Alpha 0.12.1 (build 1)
Type of Block Solid Block
Location Woodland mansion
Stackable Yes 64

The Anvil is an interactive block used to repair items, rename a certain block or item, or combine enchantments on items. It can also be used in traps, as it is affected by gravity and will do damage if it hits a player or other entity.


Anvils fall in the same way sand, gravel, concrete powder, and dragon eggs do, and will make a metallic "clang" sound when they land. If an anvil lands on a non-solid block, it will destroy the block. If the anvil lands on a mob or player, it will deal damage relative to how far it fell before hitting the mob or player.

Anvils have three states of damage: normal anvil, slightly damaged anvil, and very damaged anvil. Whenever the anvil is used, it has a 12% chance of being damaged.

Also, dropping the anvil onto any solid block has a chance to also do damage to it; specifically, 5% times the number of blocks fallen, meaning that it will always be damaged after a 20-block fall. Despite being able to fall, it could not not be pushed by pistons in earlier versions of the game.

Damaged anvils tend to generate in a woodland mansion.


A total of 31 Iron Ingots, including 27 for three blocks of iron, are required to craft an anvil.

Block of Iron Block of Iron Block of Iron
None Iron Ingot None
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot


An Anvil requires a pickaxe to harvest, otherwise, it will drop nothing.

Tool This block requires a Wooden Pickaxe to be mined
Hardness 5
Breaking time[note 1]
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.


Anvils are special interactive blocks. They have two modes to repair items that have a durability rating:

  • Similar to a grindstone, a player may repair items by combining two of the same item. However, the target will keep its enchantments and may gain new ones from the other item, and the bonus durability is 12%, rather than 5%.
  • Alternatively, a player can use materials originally required in the crafting of the item (iron ingots for iron items with durability, diamonds for diamond items with durability) to repair a single item. One material will repair 14 of the tool's maximum durability. Repairing and renaming items costs experience.

Also, the player can rename any item – not just those with durability – by using an anvil.

Enchanted Books are used to enchant tools, and an anvil is needed to combine them with tools and armor.

You need to have 39 levels to be able to repair an item with lots of enchantments, if the requirement is more than your current level, the required livel text will be in red instead of green and you can't repair/rename the item (Survival and adventure mode only.)

If you repair an item 5 times, the anvil will no longer repair it; the price has gone up too high. 


  • As of 1.6, if a spawn egg was renamed "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" with an anvil, the mobs spawning will be upside down.
  • The anvil had an old crafting recipe; it was crafted by using 6 Iron Blocks and one iron ingot. This was very soon changed to the current recipe.
  • The crafting recipe of an anvil requires a total of thirty-one iron ingots: twenty-seven ingots for the blocks, and four ingots for the base.
  • When a player dies from a falling anvil, the death message would say, "{PlayerName} was squished by a falling anvil".
  • Before the texture update, the anvil had a darkened stone texture on the top of the anvil.
  • When an anvil is dropped on TNT, the TNT would damage less terrain.