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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Navbar/configuration' not found. Aron Nieminen is a Mojang employee who was in charge of Minecraft – Pocket Edition's development[1] from its conception[2] until December 13, 2012, when Jens Bergensten took over development.[3] He also worked on Scrolls, and together with Daniel Frisk, he developed Pi Edition. Aron still works with Johan Bernhardsson and Tommaso Checchi on MinecraftTemplate:Hairsp's Bedrock codebase.

Aron does not maintain a Twitter account.[1][4] Notch describes him as "Very bright".[5]

Aron started work on the Pocket Edition during late 2011, and worked primarily alone (partially with Daniel Kaplan and Junkboy) until around Template:Vl where Johan Bernhardsson stepped in.[6]

Versions of the Pocket Edition made by Aron

Aron produced the following versions, alone, of the Pocket Edition:

  • Prerelease
  • Alpha 0.1.0
  • Alpha 0.1.1
  • Alpha 0.1.2
  • Alpha 0.1.3
  • Alpha 0.2.0
  • Alpha 0.2.1
  • Alpha 0.3.0
  • Alpha 0.3.2
  • Alpha 0.3.3

Since here is also developed by Johan Bernhardsson:

  • Alpha 0.4.0
  • Alpha 0.4.0 rev 2
  • Alpha 0.5.0
  • Alpha 0.6.0
  • Alpha 0.6.1
  • Alpha 0.7.0
  • Alpha 0.7.1
  • Alpha 0.7.2

After these, the game is also developed by Tommaso Checchi.




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