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First Appearance 1.16 - Nether Update (Normal and Polished)

1.17 - Caves and Cliffs (Smooth)

Type of Block Solid Block
Location Geode, Basalt Deltas, and Soulsand Valley.
Stackable Yes 64

Basalt is a block that is found in the Nether. Basalt can be made from a generator or found naturally.


The basalt block naturally generates in the biomes called soul sand valley, in basalt deltas, and also in the bastion remnants, and the smooth basalt block naturally generates in geodes.


Can be placed anywhere on the grid in this order.

Polished Basalt
Basalt Basalt None
Basalt Basalt None
None None None


  • This block will be used in the soul sand valley biome as the block for basalt pillars and as the main block in the basalt delta biome.
  • In 20w12a to get the Polished Basalt, you would have had to smelt regular basalt in a furnace. This is also the case on bedrock edition
  • In 20w16a Basalt will now generate naturally in Bastion Remnants.
  • In 21w08a, Basalt can be smelt into Smooth Basalt by putting normal basalt in a furnace, or the outer layer of a Geode.



File:Basalt - Minecraft Micro Guide