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Players create defenses for their bases in both singleplayer and multiplayer for many reasons. Singleplayer defenses are usually for defending their base against hostile mobs. Multiplayer defenses are usually for keeping unwanted players or hostile mobs out. maker sure to close your doors everytime you enter and leave your house

Singleplayer Defenses[edit | edit source]

Defenses specific to singleplayer are designed to protect against hostile mobs. They typically also work against players but are not specific to them.

Unbreakable Doors[edit | edit source]

File:Craft iron door.jpg
The crafting recipe for the Iron Door

Playing on hard difficulty presents the challenge of zombies breaking into a player's home. This is a common situation that all players should be prepared to defend against. While using iron doors instead of wooden doors is very common, there is a more resourceful way to prevent zombies from breaking down a door. Zombies in Minecraft can only break closed doors, and there is a way players can use this to their advantage. Place a wooden door up against a block in the open position. Then simply "close" the door and zombies will get confused, thinking the door is open, even though it is actually closed.

Spider-Proof Walls[edit | edit source]

File:Oak Slab old.png
Put this over a wall to make sure that spiders can't get over.

Are spiders climbing over walls? There is an easy way to prevent this. All players have to do is create a "lip" or overhang above the outside of their walls. Spiders will not be able to climb around the overhang and will instead fall down, because they can only climb vertically. In order to prevent zombies and skeletons from taking shelter, a player can use glass or slabs.

Diagonal Paths[edit | edit source]

Being chased by hostile mobs can quickly cause players to lose hunger. A great technique to prevent chases is to make diagonal paths. Diagonal paths are only useful in preventing being chased when there is lava around the diagonal path. Creating diagonal paths is easy and simple. All that a player must do is place blocks, making sure only one corner of the blocks touch another corner of a different block. Since mobs can't walk diagonally, this technique is fool-proof and will leave pursuers in the dust.

Sweet Berry Defenses[edit | edit source]

File:Fox and SweetberryB.jpg
Foxes are immune to sweet berry damage, so be careful if a fox is attacking you (if it ever does).

When going home, jump over the sweet berries bushes after placing 2–3 layers around the base. Mobs will take damage and get slowed down at the same time. However, this doesn't work around flying mobs like phantoms and the Ender Dragon.

Magma Block/Rail Defenses[edit | edit source]

File:Pig magma.png
Pig getting hurt on Magma Blocks

In 1.5/1.11, mobs were updated to avoid rails and magma blocks. So, put a layer of magma blocks or rails around your house. Mobs will stop attacking when you hide behind a magma block because they take damage from them. Mobs do the same thing around rails, even though the mobs don't take damage. (That was so minecart tracks would be less annoying with zombie pigmen in the Nether.) (suggest to use magma blocks cause going to the nether is cheaper than using rails.)

Cactus Rim[edit | edit source]

The cactus rim is a rim of cactus blocks placed in a diagonal manner around the area you're trying to protect.

Multiplayer Defenses[edit | edit source]

Defenses specific to multiplayer are designed to work against players and may or may not be effective against hostile mobs. The singleplayer defenses work against mobs in multiplayer as well.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Traps are a common defense against players and mobs. Usually, traps consist of redstone, and the best traps usually require lots of it.

Dispenser Traps[edit | edit source]

Dispensers are a type of block mainly used in making traps since they can shoot arrows, potions, snowballs, fire charges, and eggs when activated.

Arrow Shooter[edit | edit source]
File:The Most Secure Base.jpg
The Most Secure Minecraft Base.

Place a dispenser and fill it with arrows. Next place a trigger such as a pressure plate or a tripwire. Finally, connect the trigger to the dispenser making sure that the redstone is not visible, otherwise raiders will be careful to avoid the trap.

Potion Shooter[edit | edit source]

A potion shooter is similar to the arrow shooter trap above, but instead of arrows being dispensed, splash potions and/or lingering potions are used. Potions of harming and poison are the most effective to use in the dispenser. Use a similar setup as the arrow shooter. However, make sure the splash potions actually hit their target, as they work slightly differently than arrows.

House defending tutorials[edit | edit source]

A Creeper has entered my house![edit | edit source]

if a Creeper enters your house in minecraft here are some things you should do and not do when a creeper go's in your house make sure on java edition to use an axe to kill it quickly before the creeper explodes and also another thing when it gets in and you trapped make sure to dig a hole out your house the size as a door, then when it gets out kill it. here are things not to do when a creepers in your house when a creeper chases you do not rush around the creeper out of the house make sure to use a axe or dig out your house!

Why are mobs in my house?[edit | edit source]

Make sure to have your house lit inside and outside the house the lighter it is the less the hostile mobs can spawn near or in your house.

Gallery[edit | edit source]