Bastion Remnant

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Bastion Remnants are large, castle-like generated structures that were added in the 1.16 - Nether Update. They generate in The Nether, and in all biomes except Basalt Deltas. Piglins spawn in this structure, as will Hoglins if a stable for them generates. A Magma Cube spawner may generate in treasure rooms. They are guarded by Piglin Brutes.

These structures are the only way to obtain the Pigstep music disc and the Snout banner pattern.


Bastion remnants can be found in all of the biomes in the Nether except basalt deltas; however, they can extend into said biome. They can only generate in quadrants (368x368 block-sized areas) that do not contain another bastion remnant or a Nether Fortress.


Bastion remnants generate as four types of structures: bridges, hoglin stables, housing units, and treasure rooms. Each type has its own set of structures that compose it. These structures may be supported by ramparts that contain cave-like paths. Piglins, Piglin Brutes and Hoglins spawn frequently throughout.

All bastion remnant structures found below are located in the folder: client.jar/data/minecraft/structures/bastion


The bridge consists of a large ruined rampart structure with a piglin face carved into it. The inside of the "mouth" consists of multiple levels of walkways surrounded by lava. A damaged bridge goes out from the mouth, with a support pillar on the far side. At the end of the bridge away from the ramparts, 16 gold blocks can be found on top of a pillar. When walking from the gold blocks towards the ramparts, another (up to) 4 gold blocks spawn in the hallway up and to the right of the main bridge. The center rampart spawns identically every time. There is 1 chest in the top which guarantees a lodestone, and nothing in the bottom. The left and right ramparts are split into top and bottom sections. The top sections can spawn with a triple chest room or a single chest. The bottom halves are unique, in that the left and right sides differ from each other. The bottom half of the left rampart always has nothing, and the bottom half of the right rampart has up to 3 gold blocks. Both sides have 2 distinct possibilities, but the loot remains consistent.

Hoglin Stables

The hoglin stables consist of 3 ramparts with damaged hoglin stables on either side. The Stables themselves have a variety of inconsistent scatter spawns of mobs, chests, and gold blocks. The 3 ramparts are all split into top and bottom halves with a lot of variability. The top structures all have one of the following: 1 single chest, 2 separate single chests, or a triple chest room with 4 guaranteed gold blocks underneath it. The center rampart bottom always spawns a single chest which is open to the stables themselves. The left and right ramparts can spawn with either a single chest or 6-11 gold blocks. Hoglin stables' pieces are contained in the subfolder hoglin_stable.

Housing units

The housing units consists of two ramparts arranged around a central courtyard with nether wart growing in the middle. Both ramparts are split into top and bottom halves. The right rampart generates identically every time, with a guaranteed triple chest room in the top half and 9 gold blocks as well as one double chest in the bottom. The left rampart has 1 hidden gold block on the bottom, and the top can spawn in one of the following ways: nothing, 1 single chest, or a triple chest room. The housing units themselves also have a variety of inconsistent scatter spawns of mobs, chests, and gold blocks, but are more difficult to navigate than hoglin stables. The central courtyard has 3 variations, all of which have 1 single chest and at least 1 nether wart growing in the middle. Housing unit pieces are contained in the subfolder units.

Treasure room

The treasure room structure consists of 2 ramparts supported by buttresses, with a bridge going between it and the treasure room itself. The treasure room consists of rings of hallways around the walls with bridges jutting out, suspended above a lave floor. The rings have random chest and gold block spawns. At the bottom of a treasure room, there is a magma cube spawner, and a center loot area consisting of 13-19 Blocks of Gold, as well as 1 or 2 treasure chests. All chests generated outside the center loot area use the "generic" loot table instead of the "treasure" loot table. The bridge between the ramparts and the treasure room always has 2 gold blocks. The ramparts have identical structures but not the same loot. Each has 1-6 gold blocks and 2 chests, arranged in a pattern of 2 single chests or as 1 double chest. Treasure room pieces are contained in the subfolder treasure.


  • Before Beta, some bastion remnant loot tables in Bedrock Edition contain entries for spectral arrows, despite them not existing in that version of the game.
    • This was likely not an error from copying the loot tables in Java Edition, as both editions had different loot at the time.
  • Before the loot tables were nerfed, it was possible to obtain netherite ingots in the chests
  • The structure bastion/hoglin_stable/starting_pieces/stairs_1_mirrored, despite containing the word "mirrored", it is not stored as mirrored like the other mirrored stairs. This has no effect on generation due to the placement of Jigsaw Blocks in the structure.
  • In Java Edition, before 1.16 pre-3, there were multiple unused structure files.
    • Two large stables were unused: bastion/hoglin_stable/large_stables/inner_4and bastion/hoglin_stable/large_stables/outer_4.
    • Three sets of stairs were unused: bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_0_mirrored, bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_2, and bastion/hoglin_stable/stairs/stairs_3. They are removed as of 1.16 pre-release 3.
  • In Bedrock Edition, there are multiple unused structure files. Unlike the unused structures in Java Edition, these structures are more technical.
    • Two files named bastion/units/wall_units/edge_0 and bastion/treasure/ramparts/lava_basin contain blocks that have not been added to the game, including blackstone_bricks, blackstone_brick_stairs, cracked_blackstone_bricks, and chiseled_blackstone_bricks.
    • A test structure file, bastion/jigsaw_test, contains two oak signs, some jigsaw blocks, stained glass, and stone.


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