Blast Furnace

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Blast Furnace
First Appearance 1.14 (Snapshot 18w44a)
1.11 (Bedrock Edition)
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

A blast furnace is a utility block that generates in a village's armorer houses.


A blast furnace can be used as a faster alternative to smelt ores. It can smelt ore at twice the speed of a furnace, but it will use up fuel twice as fast, and it can only smelt ore-related blocks.So if you want to smelt food, then use a Furnace or a Campfire. They will give less experience to the player when they collect the smelted item. If a village has a blast furnace but no existing armorer, any nearby unemployed villagers without a profession have a chance to become an armorer. Like smokers, blast furnaces can't be pushed by pistons. They have a blast resistance of 17.5 and emit a light level of 13 when active, similar to normal furnaces. Like its original cobblestone counterpart, blast furnaces can interact with hoppers.


Blast Furnace
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Furnace Iron Ingot
Smooth Stone Smooth Stone Smooth Stone


  • When active, a blast furnace emits a small amount of light (light level 13), similarly to a furnace, and one light level less than that of a torch.
  • Blast furnaces can interact with hoppers, similar to how a furnace does.

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