Blaze Powder

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Blaze Powder is an item that was first added in the Beta 1.9 pre-release 2 and 0.12 for the Pocket Edition. It comes from a Blaze Rod, which is only obtainable when a Blaze is slain.


Blaze Powder is mainly used for brewing. Not only is it used as the fuel for a Brewing Stand, but it also serves as a potion ingredient. When brewed into an awkward potion, it creates a Potion of Strength and a mundane potion with a Water bottle. Blaze powder can also be combined with an Ender Pearl to make an Eye of Ender which is used to detect and activate a Stronghold's End Portal. They are also used with Slimeballs to craft Magma Cream and Coal/Charcoal and Gunpowder to craft Fire Charges.


Blaze Powder x2 Fire Charge x3
None None None None None None
None Blaze Rod None Blaze Powder Gunpowder None
None None None None Coal or Charcoal None
Magma Cream Eye of Ender
None None None None None None
Blaze Powder Slimeball None Ender Pearl Blaze Powder None
None None None None None None


  • As of 1.9, blaze powder is required to operate a brewing stand: when it is put into a specific slot, it allows an item to be put into the top slot 20 times. This is because a brewing stand was put into igloo basements, but the developers wanted to force a player to go to the Nether in order to brew; so, as such, blaze powder was given this purpose.


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