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Bones are items dropped by skeletons and their variants; Very rarely, a salmon can drop a bone. They can be used to tame wolves and can be crafted into Bonemeal.


A bone can be crafted into three bonemeal, which can then be used to accelerate the grow of plants, crops, and mushrooms.

When used to tame a wolf, bones have a 13 chance of taming it. Bones cannot be used to tame a hostile wolf or a wolf that has already been tamed. However, bones can be used to attract the attention of tamed wolves.

Bones can also generate in the loot chests of dungeons, desert temples, jungle temples, and woodland mansions


Bonemeal x3
(Shapeless recipe)
None None None
None Bone None
None None None


  • As of update 1.9, bones can also be obtained from skeleton horses/skeleton horsemen.
  • While a bone cannot be equipped in the head slot in Survival mode, equipping it using commands causes it to appear in the player's mouth.
  • As with sticks and blaze rods, bones are wielded as a tool instead of an item.