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For the border at the edge of the world, see World Border.
For the invisible block, see Barrier.

Border blocks are unbreakable blocks that prohibit movement through, over or under them. The border was originally added (accidentally) in Pocket Edition Alpha. However, they were re-added to Bedrock in 1.16. They are accessed using commands Usage:  The border blocks are generally used to prevent players from entering a specific area. It can only be placed or destroyed by a player that has a permission as a world builder.

It emits a single red particle. When placed, the block collision will prevent the non-world builder player from getting through or placing a block, above and under the border block infinitely.

It's possible to get past Border Blocks by throwing an ender pearl or using commands. They can also be destroyed by mobs like the ender dragon.

It can prevent

  • Jumping over
  • Climbing over
  • Walking through
  • Flying over
  • Building over
  • Tunneling under
  • Destruction by players without world builder permission


  • Border blocks and walls share the same block models and inventory model.