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This article contains content about features that are outdated or have been removed from the game.
The camera has been an unused item in Pocket Edition.
Type of Block Entity
Stackable No

Cameras are unique blocks that can take pictures in-game for later viewing. They were, at one time, only available in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Cameras were removed from the Pocket Edition in update 0.16.0 build 2. However, the camera is still available in Minecraft: Education Edition. However, in Bedrock Edition 1.12, they returned, but only obtainable using /give. Later, the ability to get the camera was removed.


As of now, the camera is only available through inventory editors. (It is still possible to Obtain this in Minecraft Pocket edittion as of 1.16.2)


Using a camera from within the inventory will take a picture from the first-person perspective of a player. Placing the camera in the world will have it track a player who placed it, and it will take pictures from afar. Pictures taken by the camera will have a smoke-like outline near the bottom. When placed, the camera acts similar to an entity since it can take damage, and it can be affected by knockback effects.

Rumours had circulated claiming that the camera would be used for taking screenshots. The F2 button is the default button used to take screenshots in Minecraft's PC version. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, there is currently no screenshot function in-game (except by using the screenshot function of the mobile device).

If a camera comes in contact with a minecart, the camera will go inside of it, allowing for moving cameras.


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