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First Appearance 1.17
Type of Block Decoration
Location Deep Dark
Stackable Yes 64
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Candles are a new block that are planned to be added to Minecraft in update 1.17.


Candles can be lit with Flint & Steel and produce a level of light slightly smaller than torches, and they are to be able to be grouped similarly to sea pickles and turtle eggs, thus increasing the light level. When they are lit, they emit a particle that looks like a flame. Candles come in many colors, much like wool and stained glass and other dyeable blocks. Candles can be placed on top of cakes to turn it into a candle cake.


None None None
None String None
None Honeycomb None


  • They were shown during the Minecraft Live 2020 [1] livestream when the warden was first introduced. They were seen behind a deep dark wooden structures, and illuminated the area surrounding it. They were also seen in a window when the copper's aging function was shown later in the livestream. In the video, there were black and white candles shown.