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First Appearance 1.6.1 (JE)
0.8.0 (PE)
Type of Block Decorative
Stackable Yes 64
Different colored carpet blocks on grass.

Carpets are thin decorative blocks, which come in a variety of colors.


A carpet is a thin sheet of wool that can be placed on the ground, completely covering the top of the block on which it is placed. A carpet acts like a half-slab, in that some blocks cannot be placed directly on top of it, such as a lily pad.

Carpets can be used as fuel. They can smelt approximately 13 of an item per carpet.

Another use for carpets is for decorating llamas. Once a llama is tamed, they can be decorated with a carpet that will produce a unique pattern, depending on the carpet's color.


Carpets can be crafted from any type of colored wool by placing the materials in the following manner:

None None None
Wool (Any colored Wool) Wool (Any colored Wool) None
None None None


Carpets can be mined with any tool or by hand.

Hardness 0.1
Breaking time[note 1]
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.


  • Carpet can be placed on any type of block including on top of string and fences.
    • Placing carpets on string will allow one to make mob-proof walkways since mobs will think that the carpets on the string are air blocks.
    • Placing carpets on fences will allow players to jump on top of said fences. In fact, a player will actually jump onto the carpet which means that a player will be jumping up onto the fence's collision box.
  • Placing carpets between an enchantment table and some bookshelves will cause the bookshelves to not be able to influence the enchantment table.
  • Brown carpets can spawn naturally in villages where they are spawned on top of fences in order to look like tables.
    • Before carpets were added, pressure plates were spawned on top of fences instead.
  • Carpet is 1 pixel high. 
  • Although, carpets are made out of wool, the sound made is not wool, it's what's underneath.
  • When placing a carpet on top of another carpet there is a gap between