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For the music disc by the same name, see Music Discs.
For the jungle variant of this mob, see Ocelot.

Cats are passive, tameable mobs often found wandering in villages. A single black cat can also be found at a witch hut. They are not to be confused with ocelots.

Cats scare away nearby creepers and phantoms. They will additionally not take any fall damage, referring to the common misconception that cats always land on their feet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

File:New Cats.png
From left to right: brown tabby, tuxedo, orange tabby, siamese, British shorthair, calico, Persian, ragdoll, white, and black.

Cats are visibly smaller than ocelots despite sharing the same model. Cats currently have 11 different skin types

Tamed cats have a collar on their necks, which can be changed using dyes.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Villages[edit | edit source]

If there is at least 1 villager and 4 beds, untamed cats spawn. With every 4 valid beds, cats spawn in a group of 1, with a maximum of 10 cats.

Cats can spawn every 1200 ticks (1 min) in a village with 5 occupied beds. A random player is selected, including spectators in the area with a random location at around 8-32 blocks in +/-, x/z with the center is the player and if it is less than 2 chunks from a village with less than 5 cats, a cat spawns.

Swamp hut[edit | edit source]

An untamed black cat spawn along with a witch in the hut upon world generation. The cat and the witch themselves are included in the structure, thus never despawn.

Bedrock Edition[edit | edit source]

There is 50% chance that an adult cat can spawn black, during a full moon.

Breeding[edit | edit source]

See also: Breeding

Cats, like other mobs, can breed with other members of the same species. Two tamed cats must be close to one another and at least one of them must be standing on their feet. If raw cod or raw salmon is fed to each of them with full health, hearts appear above their heads, they will run toward each other and mingle for a bit. Shortly afterward, a small kitten will appear, whose pattern will match one of its parents. Cats can breed once every five minutes, and kittens cannot breed until they become adults. To quicken the growth of a kitten, feed them raw cod or raw salmon.

Taming[edit | edit source]

See also: Taming

To tame a stray cat, feed them any raw fish (raw cod or raw salmon). Stray cats are skittish and are afraid of players so it is necessary to stand still or shift/sneak while feeding one. Eventually, a stray cat will slowly approach and stop to stare at any player holding raw fish. Do not make any sudden movements, such as looking or walking around, as the stray cat will get spooked and run away. Slowly, with care and patience, feed it while it is staring at you. During the feeding process, grey particles will surround the cat. Once tamed, heart particles will appear around the cat.

Removed Cats[edit | edit source]

Removed Grey Tabby Cat

The Grey Tabby Cat Texture File still exists but is not able to be spawned in the game and is not usable.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cats like to sit on chests, beds, and active furnaces, mirroring the behavior of real-life cats.
    • While active furnaces and beds are not affected by sitting cats, chests are. If a cat sits on a chest, it cannot be opened, but as of 1.16, Cats sitting on a bed will not affect one's ability to sleep in it.
    • The only ways to prevent a cat from sitting on a chest or bed are to lure them away with raw fish or put partial blocks above it. Cats can be moved off chests by making them stand then luring them away, or by a piston device to push them off.
  • The texture "Jellie" is based on a player's real-life cat and was added after it won a community voted contest to see what the 9th new cat texture would be. The person that won the contest is the Minecraft YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar .
  • Wolves will not attack cats, tamed or otherwise.
  • A standing cat can breed with a sitting cat. Their kitten has a 50/50 chance of inheriting either parent's pattern.
  • There is an advancement called "A Complete Catalogue," received after taming at least one of each cat variant.
  • Cats may hunt rabbits, but unlike ocelots, they won't hunt chickens.
  • A cat can sleep with a player when they are lying down on a bed, and may give specific items. The cat has a sleeping animation where it curls up. It's hard to see due to the player's darkening screen, so it's a rare sight. 
  • Cats can rarely drop string, which is a reference to how cats love to play with them.
    • This could also be a replacement for fur.
  • The tuxedo cat was inspired by Jeb's cat.
  • If a 1.13.2 or older world has been loaded in version 1.14+, all tamed ocelots will turn into cats.
  • In a room of a woodland mansion, a statue of a tuxedo cat can be seen that is made out of wool.
    • This could be a reference to how Egyptians worshipped cats.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Click for full Cat gallery.

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]

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