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The Hostile Mobs are the main antagonists in Minecraft. Their behavior is straight-forward: on sight of a player, they will automatically approach in an attempt to kill them. They are also the main obstacles and conflicts that the player encounters in Survival mode. Many of these mobs may also attack other (usually passive) mobs in certain situations. Each of these mobs should be considered a hazard and have varying methods of attack, as well as different degrees of difficulty. Some hostile mobs include the boss mobs, like the Wither and the Ender Dragon.

When the game is set to Peaceful mode, the hostile mobs will either not spawn (or existing ones will disappear) or revert to a passive state (eg. shulkers). However, these mobs will always naturally spawn when their spawn conditions are met on any difficulty other than Peaceful (ie. Easy, Normal, Hard). Each mob possesses its own weaknesses and strategies, and players should always be wary and have a tactical approach method.