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Capes (formerly known as cloaks) are rare vanity items and are worn in addition to the player's skin. A cape has no effect on a player, but it does change the appearance of worn elytra.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Currently, in Minecraft: Java Edition, capes are only obtainable unofficially through mods, by applying skin packs which contain skins using them or by applying a skin that has a cape with it. Prior to 2017, capes for Java Edition were obtainable by having a ticket to that year's MineCon; however, that has not happened since then due to the subsequent events being done via livestream. Java Edition players can choose whether to wear a cape or choose which cape to wear, by going to their Minecraft profile, if they have a cape.

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, capes can be obtained from a number of skin packs. These capes can be equipped and unequipped through the Character Creator.

Capes affect the design of the elytra, and sometimes the elytra will have a different design than the cape itself.

On October 21, 2020, it was announces that all Mojang accounts would be migrated to Microsoft accounts, and that all accounts that were migrated would receive a cape. [1]

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