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A compass is an item players can use to discern directions within their Minecraft world. They were added in the Secret Friday Update 9.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To use the compass, a player needs to hold it in his/her hand, and it will appear in the lower HUD. The needle will point in the direction of a player's original spawn point where he/she entered the world for the first time. Rotating around until the needle is pointing straight up will signify that the spawn point is straight ahead. Traveling straight in that direction will take a player to their spawn point assuming that the needle remains pointing straight up.

The compass needle points towards a player's original spawn point, whether in their inventory screen, in chests, lying on the floor, in the crafting table, or while holding it in their hand. A player can also obtain compasses by trading with villagers or by finding them inside some stronghold chests.

A compass can now be used as a trade item in order to get Exploration Maps from cartographer villagers as of 1.11 the Exploration Update.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

None Iron Ingot None
Iron Ingot Redstone Iron Ingot
None Iron Ingot None
Paper Paper Paper
Paper Compass Paper
Paper Paper Paper

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Using /setworldspawn to change the world spawn also changes where the compass points.
  • Unless a lodestone is used, a compass will spin uncontrollably in other dimensions such as The End and The Nether. It will also be renamed to "Lodestone Compass" and have the enchantment shine added.
    • This is the same with a clock.
      • The Lodestone Compass will spin like a normal Compass would in The Nether or The End in the dimension the Lodestone is not in. 
  • The compass points to the northwest corner of the block a player spawned on instead of the very middle of the block.
  • If a player changes their spawn by using a bed at night, the compass will still point to their original spawn point.
  • In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, before the 0.9.0 update, compasses were virtually useless since the maps then were of no great size.

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