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Cookies are a food item that was introduced in Beta 1.4, version 0.9.0 (PE), and the first versions of the Console Editions. Cookies restore one File:Foodbaricon.png when eaten. They were hard to obtain until update 1.3 was released which made Cocoa Beans, one of the ingredients, a lot easier to find. Farmer villagers will sell cookies for emeralds.

Using the crafting recipe just once will give a player eight cookies, which will make it possible to heal eight File:Foodbaricon.png of hunger in a single batch.

Feeding a cookie to a Parrot will immediately poison the parrot and cause it to die. Placing a cookie in a Composter has an 85% chance to raise its level by 1.


Cookie x8
None None None
Wheat Cocoa Beans Wheat
None None none


  • Can be made into 8 cookies using just one cocoa bean and two pieces of wheat.
  • Cocoa beans are easy to find in a Jungle biome.
  • Wheat is easy to grow, and their seeds can be found easily.
  • They are a renewable resource.


  • They will only restore 0.4 saturation points.
  • Wheat requires a lot of time to grow, but you can speed up the process by using bone meal.
  • If a player is not close to a jungle and they do not have a cocoa bean farm, cocoa beans will not be readily available.
  • If fed to a parrot, the Parrot will be poisoned.


  • Cookies were the only stack-able food item at the time of their introduction in Beta 1.4.
  • As of 1.3.1, cookies are easier to make because of the cocoa bean's farming mechanics.
  • Cookies can sometimes be obtained through trading with villagers.
  • In some of the 1.12 snapshots, cookies could be fed to Parrots (a reference to the phrase "Polly wants a cracker"[1]) to tame them.
    • To avoid misleading players playing the game[2], seeds were given this function, and cookies were changed to instantly kill parrots and emit poison particles around the dying bird.