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Please note that this is not Beta server software which means no Beta support (only Classic, outdated or inactive).

StormCom Server System (or just SSS) is powerful Minecraft custom Server software.

The plugin System is being documented, and a sample plugin (source) is available here: Sample Plugin

SSS is available at: StormCom

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Multi Level
  • Multithreaded
  • GUI
  • Advanced Physics
  • User Web Interface (WIP)
  • Plugin System (Users can make their own commands)
  • Uses MySql Database
  • Custom Ranks
  • Editable Ranks (Default ones or custom ones)
  • Portals
  • Bots (Optional AI)
  • Custom Command Permission
  • Custom Level Permissions
  • Much more stuff (try the server by yourself to get the full feature list)

Setup[edit | edit source]

  1. Get the Server from the above link.
  2. Get a MySql Server (Wamp is recommended)
  3. Install Wamp
  4. Run the server, a Configuration panel should open, set everything up as you would like.
  5. Forward your port.

When you log on to your server, you can set your rank by left clicking, then right clicking your name in the PlayerList on the server window, then clicking "Change Rank."

Ranks[edit | edit source]

The Ranks of SSS are custom and can be modified / added from a page on the gui, required command levels also have a window there.

Default Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank Name Group Level
Host 60
SuperOperator 50
Operator 40
Advbuilder 30
Builder 20
Guest 10
Banned 0

Ranks are showed as (rank)Username.

Commands[edit | edit source]

/abort – Abort the current Blockchange command

/about – Show information about a block (including the last editor)

/activelava – Place Active Lava

/activewater – Place Active Water

/afk – Show the other players you're afk

/AltChat – Switch from level chat to world chat (or vice versa)

/ban – ban a player

/banip – ipban an ip

/bind – bind a special block to a normal block

/block <top/bottom> – place a block at your feet (optional Top/Bottom of map)

/botadd – add a basic bot, does nothing

/botai – make an aifile for a bot

/botremove – remove a bot from the map

/bots – list all the bots on the level

/botset – set the ai of a bot to a specific ai file

/botsummon – summon a bot to your location

/buildop – all blocks placed are opversions

/buildspawn – build/set a basic spawn at your location

/cactus – spawn a cactus

/cannon – shot a cannonball in the direction your facing

/chain – shoot out a (chain) and draw back a block

/circle – draw a circle (planned upgrade)

/color – set a players name color

/compass – show which direction you are facing, useful for passing

/copy – copy a cuboid area of blocks

/copylvl – copy a level

/creeper – spawn an exploding bot (regular skin)

/cuboid – draw a block of blocks

/deletelvl – delete a level of blocks

/disable – disable a players building ability

/dna – show a players special info

/draw – draw a cone (only cones for now) cone - hcone - icone - hicone

/dropbomb – kind of like cannon, but down instead of out

/follow – follow a player in first person

/freeze – freeze a player in their current location

/fullban – kick, ban and ipban a player

/gangbang – Summon everyone on the server.

/give – give a player something (useless really, but its fun)

/goto – goto a different level

/headspin – spin a players head

/help – show general help, or help on a specific command

/hide – hide from players (-op)

/info – show info on the server

/instant – switch to instant cuboid/replace mode (reload map to show)

/invincible – become invincible

/kamikaze – blow yourself up

/kick – kick a player

/kickban – kick and ban a player

/killmob – kill all the zombies/creepers and save the day :D

/lag – set the random generator lag level (how much lava to show)

/lava – place regular lava

/levels – show the loaded levels

/limit – set a players cuboid limit

/line – draw a line

/load – load a level

/lock – make all blocks in an area oplevel

/lockdown – move all players in the map into the mainlevel and set perbuild/pervisit to sop

/log – show the last 10 (or any 10) commands a player used

/mainlevel – change the level all players start on, only works until restart

/mapinfo – show basic information of the map your on

/me – RP command, show that you did something

/museum – enter an old backup of a map

/mute – mute a player

/newlvl – generate a new level

/nuke – KABOOM

/opchat – all your chat becomes opchat

/opglass – place opglass

/oprules – show the op rules

/paint – replace all blocks deleted with the block your holding

/paste – paste a copied object

/pchat – send a message to all players in range

/pcuc – start a CPU meter at your position (only one at a time on the server)

/perbuild – set the build permissions of the map your on

/pervisit – set the visit permissions of the map your on

/physics – set the physics level of the map your on

/players – list all players on the server

/portal – place a portal (/portal blocktype OR /portal blocktype level)

/ranks – list the server ranks

/redo – redo a blockchange command until you want to stop

/register – register a password in the database, (useful if you want to verify players for a web interface)

/reload – reload the map for a player (or all players)

/renamelvl – rename a level

/replace – replace 1 block type with another (if instant is on then you can replace across the whole map)

/restart – restart the server (password and time required)

/restore – restore a backup of the level your on

/roll – roll a random number

/ruler – count blocks between to places (seems to be off, idk why)

/rules – show the server rules

/save – save all the levels of the server

/say – say a message without your tag or name

/send – send a player to a map

/serverreport – show current server stats

/setrank – set a players rank

/setspawn – set the spawn point of the map to your position

/shutdown – shutdown the server (password and time required)

/solid – place bedrock

/sopchat – all messages you send are for sop+

/spawn – return to the spawn point

/spheroid – draw a spheroid object

/spin – spin a copied opbject

/stairs – spawn stairs

/summon – summon a player to your position

/time – show the servers time

/tnt – boom

/torpedo – underwater cannon (underwater only)

/tp – teleport to a players position

/tree – spawn a tree

/unban – remove a players ban

/unbanip – remove an ip from the ipban list

/undo – undo a players block changes

/unload – unload a level

/unloaded – list unloaded levels

/unlock – replace all oplevel blocks with regular blocks (cuboid)

/warn – autoincrementing warn variable – 3 strikes and you're out

/water – place water

/whois – show info on a player

/whowas – who info on a player that's offline

/zombie – spawn a regular bot with (zombie) as its name