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A typical sunrise

Dawn, or sunrise, is the transition from night to day in Minecraft. Like dusk, it lasts for about a minute and a half in real-time.

Effects on Gameplay

During dawn, the Sun will rise in the East, while the Moon sets in the West. The area in the sky around the Sun temporarily gains a reddish-orange tint. The Sun is larger when near the horizon, mimicking the real-world optical illusion, and it decreases in size as it rises.

As the sun rises, the light level gradually increases. Just before the sun lights up the world at light level 15 (signifying daytime), zombies and skeletons will start to burn in the sunlight, spiders will become neutral (at light level 11), endermen start teleporting randomly whenever a player gets near, and monsters will stop spawning. Villagers will also exit their houses to begin their usual daytime activities.

Dawn proceeds to daytime, which in turn leads to dusk and then leads to nighttime.