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Minecraft has simple default controls, which differ slightly between platforms.

Minecraft: Java Edition


A - Strafe Left

S - Walk Back

W - Walk Forward

D - Strafe Right

SPACE - Jump/Fly

⇧ Shift - Sneak

CTRL - Sprint

Gameplay (Mouse)
Left Click - Attack/Destroy

Middle Click - Pick block

Right Click - Use Item / Place Blocks

E - Open/Close Inventory

1 through 9 - Change hotbar slots

F - Swap item in hands

Q - Drop selected item

T - Open chat

ESC - Pause/Resume

Tab ⇆ - Toggle the list of players

CTRL + B - Toggles the arrator

F1 - Toggles the Heads-up display

F2 - Takes a screenshot

F5 - Toggles perspective

F11 - Toggles full-screen mode

L - Open the Advancements screen

Visual map

Visual map of Minecraft keyboard controls. Click on the image for a clearer view.

Changing controls

In the Java Edition of Minecraft, controls can be changed from within the game's menu, under Options > Controls. A user may bind specific keys to any action. Controls can also be reset to default, by clicking "Reset Keys".

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition



Left Arrow - Strafe Left

Back Arrow - Walk Back

Front Arrow - Walk Forward

Right Arrow - Strafe Right

45 Degrees Turned Square - Jump/Fly

Double Touch 45 Degrees Turned Blank Square

Double Touch Front Arrow - Sprint


Touchscreen - Attack/Place

Hold - Break/Use


3 Dots - Open/Close Inventory

Touch Hotbar Slots - Change Hotbar Slots

Hold Hotbar Slots - Drop Item


Open Chat Icon - Open Chat/Command

Pause Icon - Pause

Resume Button - Resume