Desert Well

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A Desert Well is a rare structure introduced in Java Edition 1.2.1, which can usually be found in remote Desert locations with no other structures nearby. It is also possible to occasionally find a desert well near a Village, an Abandoned Mineshaft, or Desert Temple.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A desert well is made of sandstone blocks and slabs. It always spawns in a desert biome. It contains five blocks of water, four on the outside, and one in the center. When a block of water is taken from the sides, it will not reappear, but it will be replaced if taken from the center. The shaft of the well may extend several blocks down into the ground.

Desert wells have a 1 in 1000[Java Edition only] or 1 in 500[Bedrock Edition only] chance to be generated in any desert chunk.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The well's main purpose is to simply provide a decorative structure for a mostly plain biome. The well can also provide players with a source of water in the desert, where they are unlikely to find other water sources.

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