Distance Effects in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

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Distance effects in Bedrock Edition are similar to those of Java, but persist much earlier due to Bedrock Edition running on 32-bit technology.

Early Limitations

Coordinates Issues
X/Z ±1,024 The slowest method of movement is now impossible, and will cause the player to either completely stop, or force them towards the direction they're facing. This can be achieved in survival mode by being under the effect of potion of the Turtle Master II, sneaking, using an item while in a sweet berry bush that's crosswise over ice with cobwebs. Randomly falling through the world is now also possible, but unlikely. This is caused by float point precision errors, creating small gaps between the blocks' hitboxes. This becomes progressively more severe as the player goes further.
X/Z ±16,384 Very minor jitteriness is now experienced.
X/Z ±32,768 Slower methods of movement become impossible.


Coordinates Issues
X/Z ±131,072
  • Minor, but noticeable jitter starts at this point.
  • Climbing up ladders and vines while sneaking is slower than normal.
  • Sea Pickles render with slightly wider stems than normal.
  • Lecterns, tripwires, and lever handles will render incorrectly.
X/Z ±262,144
  • Climbing up ladders and vines while sneaking is now noticeably slow, and even less smooth.
  • Tripwire strings become invisible.
  • Sea Pickles' stems will have issues.
  • Sunflowers will become glitched.
  • Sweet berry bushes and cobwebs appear larger.
X/Z ±524,288
  • Jitter is very noticeable and annoying at this point.
  • Inner parts of item frames render incorrectly.
  • Moving while on cobwebs is now impossible.
  • Two paintings can be on the same block.

Block model rendering errors

Almost all blocks begin rendering incorrectly between X/Z ±1,048,576–8,388,608 coordinates.

Far Lands




X or Z +12,550,821

The Far Lands generate in a loop-like structure.

Blocks become a bit unsolid which may felll from sides (sometimes start from 8,388,608)

Blocks start become rectangular instead of cubes.

X and Z +12,550,821 Skygrid. (As of 1.16 - Nether Update, the Skygrid has been removed from the overworld).
X −12,550,824 No terrain generation at all except bedrock, ocean and badlands.
Z −12,550,824 Skygrid
X +12,559,913 Terrain alters from loop-like structures to comb-like structures, where sections of land wider than 3 blocks are missing.
X +12,560,361 A sudden change in terrain generation to more comb-like structures.
Z +12,561,029 Comb-like structures begin appearing, farther than X Far Lands.
X +12,562,277 The terrain becomes a horizontal dotted line of blocks.
Z +12,562,277 The Z strip lands generate.
X +12,758,545 Terrain generation stops entirely except bedrock and oceans.
Z +12,758,545


Late Limitations

Coordinates Issues
X/Z ±16,777,216
  • The floating point precision errors reach their near maximum severity. Only blocks with even coordinates that are not divisible by four are rendered, causing stripe-like structures, hence the name "stripe lands". If the player teleports to a coordinate with odd properties, all forms of movement including camera become impossible.
  • Only possible methods of transportation are sprint-flying and elytra
X/Z ±30,000,000 It's impossible to teleport beyond this distance without using third party tools. Any attempts to do so will teleport the player back to these coordinates.
X/Z ±31,999,872 Furthest distance reachable in the Overworld via. Nether portals.
X/Z ±33,554,432 Horizontal blocks stop rendering completely, hence the name "slice lands".
X and Z ±33,554,432 Block render fails completely, causing the map to be blank outwards.
X/Z ±67,108,864 Horizontal movement is now impossible. Teleportation using chorus fruit is still possible.
X/Z ±134,217,728 Generated structures fail to generate beyond this point.
X/Z ±268,435,456 Teleportation using chorus fruit is now impossible.
X/Z ±1,073,741,824 Slices of rendered blocks are now up to 27 blocks apart, making it impossible to see them from one another in a render distance below 8 chunks.
X/Y/Z ±2,147,483,648 The game crashes due to integer overflowing.