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Dyes are items that are used to change the color of a variety of blocks, items, or mobs in Minecraft.

In 1.14, the dye system was overhauled, changing many names and procedures for creating/using certain dyes.


There are 16 different colors of dye:


Dyes can be used to re-colour a variety of items, blocks and mobs, such as:

Certain dyes (such as white) are also a required material when crafting other dyes.

Depending on the object, dyeing is achieved by either right-clicking on the target while the dye is held or by placing the dye in a crafting table along with other materials.


Dye ingredients can be found from a wide variety of sources. There are a few different procedures used in the production of dye, depending on the color. A crafting table may be required to mix ingredients, others may be ground up without one, and others may need to be baked in a furnace first. The image and table below give a breakdown of the requirements for each color of dye (until the release of update 1.14).

Dye Colors

File:Dye Chain.png
Picture Name/Color Source Other uses

Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary

File:Bone Meal.png

Bonemeal White Crafted from bones. Fertilizing Primary
File:Ink Sac.png Ink Black Dropped by squids. Crafting Primary
File:Cocoa Beans.png Cocoa Brown Dropped from cocoa pods. Crafting Primary
File:RoseRedNew.png Rose Red Crafted from poppies. None Primary
File:GreenDyeNew.png Cactus Green Smelted from cacti. None Primary
File:Lapizs lazuli dye.png Lapis Lazuli Dropped from lapis lazuli ore, or

Crafted from cornflowers .

Crafting and Enchanting Primary
File:DandelionYellowNew.png Dandelion Yellow Crafted from dandelions. None Primary
File:Gray Dye.png Gray Crafted from ink sacs and bonemeal. None Secondary
File:LightGrayDyeNew.png Light Gray Crafted from gray dye and bonemeal or from oxeye daisies. None Primary/Tertiary
File:OrangeDyeNew.png Orange Crafted from rose red and dandelion yellow or from orange tulips. None Primary/Secondary
File:LimeDyeNew.png Lime Crafted from cactus green and bonemeal. None Secondary
File:LightBlueDyeNew.png Light Blue Crafted from lapis lazuli and bonemeal or from flowers. None Primary/Secondary
File:CyanDyeNew.png Cyan Crafted from cactus green and lapis lazuli. None Secondary
File:PinkDyeNew.png Pink Crafted from rose red and bonemeal or from flowers. Crafting Primary/Secondary
File:Purple Dye.png Purple Crafted from rose red and lapis lazuli. Crafting Secondary
File:Magneta Dye.png Magenta Crafted from purple dye and pink dye or from lilac. None Primary/Tertiary


  • To revert dyed leather armor back to its original state, hold the armor piece in-hand and right-click a cauldron with water in it.
  • Sheep can be dyed by right-clicking them with the dye of choice in hand. If one wants a bunch of wool in one colour, this method is more practical than dyeing wool blocks themselves.
  • Tamed wolf collars can also be dyed using the same procedure.
  • before 1.14 cocoa bean, bonemeal, lapis, inksac could be used as a dye