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This article is for the Java Edition 20w14∞ dimensions. There is 2,147,483,645 dimensions in this update and this covers a few.


There are 2,147,483,645 Dimensions part of the April Fool's Java Edition 20w14∞ snapshot. There are 43 hard-coded Easter Egg dimensions in total, available through /warp [name]. This page is to document the Easter Egg dimensions.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

"Ant" Dimension[edit | edit source]

The ant dimension is a unique dimension with one layer of White Concrete which contains a Ant Block with a Sign above it that says "PATIENCE". Waiting around the Ant Block will form a drawing. The ant block cannot be picked, however using /setblock or /fill you can place it. If ants collide with each other, one will eat the other.

"Sponge" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with structure resembling a Menger Sponge made purely out of sponge.

"Basic" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Contains a diagonal maze pattern. It looks similar to a maze generated with the "BASIC" programming language.

"Blacklight" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A world with inverted light. The overworld is dark and underground is bright. torch's make things darker instead of brighter.

"Brand" Dimension[edit | edit source]

The Brand dimension is a dimension made of creeper heads made of an assortment of blocks.

"Bridges" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with randomly generated end stone bridges.

"Busy" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension entirely made of the minecraft:busy biome which generates redstone components, mostly hoppers, and mineral blocks in place of ores. As a result, this dimension is very laggy when generating the world.

"Checkerboard" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Every colored blocks in a checker pattern.

"Chess" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension very similar to the Overworld, with the exception that the world is covered in a checkered pattern.

"Colors" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension divided into 4 quadrants coloured blue, red, green, and yellow. At an angle, it resembles the Microsoft logo.

"Content" Dimension[edit | edit source]

An empty dimension with a small skyblock island near spawn with a tree and chest.

"Credits" Dimension[edit | edit source]

The Full Minecraft credits made of Netherite blocks.

"Custom" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with a caution floor pattern and two signs that say "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and "IOU 1x Custom Worlds"

"Darkness" Dimension[edit | edit source]

World with no lighting except for around where the player spawns.

"Decay" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension that appears similar to the overworld except it gets more broken and destroyed the further away from spawn you go. May crash game at high X or Z values.

"fleet" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Large fleet of ender ships in a grid pattern generated by the "Between" biome added in this snapshot.

"gallery" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A quartz path museum featuring Helical-shaped sculptures of random blocks.

"holes" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A regular world but filled with holes in the shape of the "Shapes Biome"

"isolation" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A house in a dirt flatland that contains a villager named bob, three dogs and a hidden underground chest among other decorations. The house is referred to as house_of_bob in the files The signs say "INGEN REKLAM TACK!" which means "NO ADVERTISEMENT PLEASE!" in Swedish and "GO AWAY!" The hidden chest contains rotten flesh, bones, and an iron sword named "Stabby McStabface" (likely a reference to Boaty McBoatface). The dogs collars are the same colors as the "Blue", "Green", and "Red" dimensions.

"library" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension which infinitely generates connected structures consisting of Boxes of Infinite Books. A direct reference to The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges. Attempting to place down a Box of Infinite Books simply drops a book with a name that appears to correlate to where it was placed. The book's author is obfuscated text. Right-clicking the book drops another book if facing a block, otherwise you will begin reading it. Its contents are randomly generated text.

"llama" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Brings you to a dimension with several peaceful rooms with a llama equipped with a lime carpet and signs that say "RELAX!" and "ENJOY!" in colored text. A painting (sunset_dense) and lit nether portal are also present.

Hidden next to the portal behind the wall there is a secret chest with a book named "A Book" authored by "The Developer" which says "Nothing to solve". Throwing the book into the portal brings the player to the 709,735,702nd dimension, but this dimension seems purely random.

"message" Dimension[edit | edit source]

An empty dimension with the message "We apologize for the inconvenience." written in fire, likely a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams.

"missing" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A shrine made out of quartz with beacons and a chest with the footprint item. The iron golems that spawn in this dimension lack any mob AI.

There is a sign underneath the netherite stairs that says "this is not a sign". This is a reference to The Treachery of Images by surrealist painter René Magritte.

"notes" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A flat dimension made out of note blocks that play random noteblock instruments and pitches despite receiving no redstone power or player input, and lacking any blocks beneath them. The noteblocks stop playing when the player goes into spectator mode.

"nothing" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension that is empty, except for a grass block and a sign stating "Ha! I lied!" and "This isn't nothing!" at (502640, 99, 1482448). The chunk coordinates (31415, 92653) are the first digits of pi (the first 10 significant figures of pi (truncated), 3.141592653).

"origin" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with an X,Y,Z indicator, similar to the one that appears when the Debug Menu is open. This is most likely a reference to the (real world) mapping phrase "the origin", which refers to the point on the map where latitude and longitude start from/are zero (or in minecraft terms, where X and Z are zero).

"patterns" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with a grid that has black and white patterns in each cell. Each layer of each cell is one number in binary, forming patterns atop the cell. Neighboring cells start at incrementing numbers. Except for a split across the x-axis, each grid square differs from each of its neighbors by one block.

"perfection" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with infinitely repeating cobblestone rooms

  • Likely a reference to Youtuber Direwolf20, who uploads modded Minecraft content and often builds houses of the exact design found in this dimension.

"pillars" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with tall cylindrical obsidian pillars.

"retro" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A black world with a lime grid outlining chunk sections on the ground.

"rooms" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension divided by large brick walls and ceilings, constructed on top of what would be the Overworld.

"shapes" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension made up of the shapes biome.

"skygrid" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Resembles the the popular survival challenge of the same name created by Sethbling, with every block, including creative- or command-exclusive ones, included. Many blocks generate in ways that normally could not exist in isolation, such as floating plants and gravity blocks.

  • Blocks generate in random blockstates, resulting in many waterlogged blocks, powered redstone components, sloped rails, half-doors, etc.

It is possible for single portal blocks to generate in the grid that go to another random dimension.

"slime" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension nearly identical to the overworld, with the exception that everything above-ground is buried in a 10 block thick layer of Slime Blocks.

"spiral" Dimension[edit | edit source]

World with a large spiral made out of mossy cobblestone.

"sponge" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension with structure resembling a Menger Sponge made out of sponge blocks.

"terminal" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension that resembles the DOS terminal. Created with the "Cursor" blocks.

"this_is_a_very_long_phrase_that_hopefully_is_not_in_any_dictionary" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Referred to in the code as "last page" as a reference to the "last page of the internet". Contains a secret message when entered using the correct passphrase. Contains "Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word!" written in grass blocks when entered without the correct passphrase (for example by using /warp abglaiap or /warp myrobod) which is a reference to the hacking scene from Jurassic Park. If the correct phrase is used, the world contains the following text, which is a reference to an alien message from the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact:

Hello! Only purpose of this message was to troll completionists and put my name somewhere in Minecraft (again!). I hope it wasn't cracked by accident – it was obviously supposed to take more time than other phrases. Written during time of plague by boq (yes. lowercase. because symmetry) "All these worlds are yours, except Europa*. Use them together. Use them in peace. " *Europa™️ the Moon sold separately.

This secret message was decoded by visiting a streaming media server created by boq, which at random intervals will emit beeping noises that can be decoded as an SSTV image to produce a photo of a notebook with the passphrase written on it. The passphrase can be verified using a code snippet provided by boq. "Time of plague" is a reference to the 2019-21 coronavirus pandemic. The dimension accessed with the book containing the word "Europa" appears to be a randomly generated world full of spruce forests in which barrier blocks make up the majority of the solid areas. This world is not an easter egg dimension.

"tunnels" Dimension[edit | edit source]

Randomly generated tunnels made out of sea lanterns.

"wall" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A giant bedrock wall runs along X=0 with an iron door at (0,0). Both sides of the wall resemble the Overworld but with red and blue tints respectively.

"zones" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A normal world filled with zone blocks until 3060 blocks away from the center of the world.

Colored Dimensions

"Blue" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension where everything is blue.

"Green" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension where everything is green.

"Red" Dimension[edit | edit source]

A dimension where everything is red.

Exiting to the main screen while in any of the colored worlds will retain some of the effect in various menu elements.