Edge Farthest Lands

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Before Beta 1.8, when the Far Lands we're removed, the Edge Farthest Lands would be accessible by teleportaion.

File:Far Lands and Further Map.png
Map of the Far Lands and other zones.

The Edge Fartherst Lands is one of the most distant areas located in the Far Lands which starts at 12,550,821, (x: ±12550821; z: ±12550821) blocks away from the spawn, the center of the map. It is the 3rd most distant right before the "64-bit Limit Area" and the "1024-bit Limit Area".

The Edge Farthest Lands are located 4,312,430,307,758,379,832 blocks away from the center of the map.

The Corner Edge Farthest Lands[edit | edit source]

The Corner Farthest Lands is the point where two Edge Farthest Lands meet, for example the Norther Edge Farthest Lands with the Western Edge Farthest Lands.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Going up the the Edge Farthest Lands by teleportation, or just going to it in general has a high risk of making the game crash due to some technical issues.
  • From beta 1.8 onwards there is a world border replacing the Far Lands.