End Rod

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End Rod
First Appearance 1.9 (Snapshot 15w31a)
Type of Block Luminous
Stackable Yes 64

An end rod is a light-emitting block, similar to a torch, which is only found in The End.


After killing the Ender Dragon in the End, an End Gateway will appear. Throwing an ender pearl into it will take players to the "Outer End." End Cities can be found in this area, with end rods inside, which serve as lighting and steps up towers. Like torches, end rods will break if water runs over it, and they will also melt snow and ice. However, unlike torches, it is not possible to walk through them.


Players can also craft end rods by combining a Popped Chorus Fruit and a Blaze Rod.

End Rod
None Blaze Rod None
None Popped Chorus Fruit None
None None None


End rods are mainly used for decoration and lighting purposes.


  • If placed on a mob's head using commands, the end rod will rotate, resembling somewhat the horn of a unicorn.
  • End rods can be placed on the side of blocks, which makes them stick out sideways.
    • The end rod can also float in the air if the block below it is mined.
  • The bottom of the new texture of the rod is a gray colour, resembling stone to a greater extent than it does popped chorus fruit.