End Stone

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End Stone
First Appearance Beta 1.9 Pre#4
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

End Stone is a block only found in The End and has a texture similar to that of a beehive or yellow cobblestone. End stone is only obtainable with a Pickaxe. In the End, players can make an unbreakable shelter because the Ender Dragon cannot destroy end stone, but it will break anything a player has placed inside as it phases through. It is mainly used as expensive decorations or Creeper-resistant houses. End Stone has one of the highest blast resistances of any block that can be blown up easily (45).


  • End stone is the only block (along with obsidian and Bedrock) that cannot be destroyed by an ender dragon. Endermen cannot pick these up, either.
  • In earlier versions of Minecraft, players needed the Silk Touch enchantment to obtain end stone. This was because it would drop cobblestone without the enchantment.
  • End stone's texture is actually the same as Cobblestone's texture, but with inverted colors.
  • End stone appears to be used in the end portal's frame-blocks; the upper half appears to have changed, so Eyes of Ender may fit in them.
  • End stone has the 3rd highest blast resistance in normal Minecraft worlds (the second being obsidian and the first being bedrock). It has a higher blast resistance than regular Stone, thus making it ideal in blast resistant structures if obsidian farming is inconvenient. If you place TNT in the middle of an end stone structure, only the adjacent 6 blocks will be destroyed.
  • End stone's old texture, which was similar to its current texture except it was white in colour, was added to the game's files in Beta 1.9 pre-release 3, but the texture was changed before end stone was introduced as a block in Beta 1.9 pre-release 4.
  • When the ender dragon is re-spawned, which is a renewable process, the end stone under the edges of the portal is regenerated, making the block renewable.