Ender Chest

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Ender Chest
First Appearance 1.3.1 (Snapshot 12w21a)
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

The Ender Chest is a block that allows a player to store 27 stacked items, much like a wooden chest. However, if two ender chests are placed in different places, the items will be accessible from both chests. The two chests share a storage area, so if an item is taken from one chest, it will disappear from the other chest as well. Ender Chests naturally generate in an End City. They can't be pushed by pistons and can't interact with hoppers or droppers. They also cannot be made into large Ender Chests.

While playing Survival Multiplayer, players will not share the same storage space within an Ender Chest. This can be used to prevent players from stealing valuables as they cannot access each other's items. This also means two players can each store items in the same ender chest.

If two Ender Chests are placed and two of an item was put in one, when the chest with the items in is opened, there will be one of the item in that chest and one of the same item in the other chests, acting as an image. This feature also works across the different worlds: Overworld, Nether, and the End. Whenever an Ender Chest is destroyed, it will only drop eight obsidian. If a player breaks an ender chest using a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, it will drop as an Ender Chest instead of obsidian.

Due to the fact that any two Ender Chests in the same world share the same contents, two or more Ender Chests can be used as a "back pack". This can be done by placing one near one's base, loading it with items, and carrying a second Ender Chest with oneself, essentially increasing one's storage space by a chest's of worth

Since update 1.11, the shulker box can often fit the purpose better, since players are not restricted to one box, unlike with Ender Chests. However, since the contents of the Shulker Box could be lost upon death, whereas the Ender Chest's contents are stored in the End with no dependency on the chest, both can be useful options for backpacks, depending on the value of the items stored.


An Ender Chest requires a pickaxe to harvest, otherwise it will drop nothing.

Tool This block requires a Wooden Pickaxe to be mined
Hardness 22.5
Breaking time[note 1]
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.


Ender Chest
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Obsidian Eye of Ender Obsidian
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian