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First Appearance Indev 0.31 (Normal Fire)

1.16 - Nether Update (Soul Fire)

Type of Block Non-solid Block
Location The Nether, Soulsand Valley.
Stackable Yes 64

Fire is a non-solid block. It has an animated face on all four sides, and two faces on the inside at slants. Fire is never created naturally when chunks generate, except in the Nether. It is created when a player uses flint and steel or a fire charge, a ghast's fireball attack hits a surface, lava burns a flammable object, or lightning strikes a flammable block. Fire emits pixelated gray smoke while it is burning, and produces 15 units of light.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

No longer possible as of Java Edition 1.8 due to the fire item being removed; the only way to obtain it in Bedrock Edition is through inventory editors.

Chainmail Helmet Chainmail Chestplate
None None None Fire None Fire
Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire
Fire None Fire Fire Fire Fire
Chainmail Leggings Chainmail Boots
Fire Fire Fire None None None
Fire None Fire Fire None Fire
Fire None Fire Fire None Fire

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Using fire in the jungle is not recommended as it's a waste of wood, and a player could possibly burn to death in the jungle fire unless they stand a safe distance away.
  • Fire is one of the only non-solid blocks with an animated texture.
  • It is unknown why fire can craft chainmail, though it could be a glitch or a easter egg as fire is used to help make chains in real life

Gallery[edit | edit source]