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Flint is a resource that makes Flint and Steel when combined with an Iron Ingot. It can also be used with Sticks and Feathers to make Arrows for Bows.


Flint can be obtained by destroying gravel, whether it's by hand or by tools. Destroying gravel by shovel, by hand, or with TNT has a 10% chance of dropping flint while using Torches or a Silk Touch tool has a 0% chance. If using a tool with the fortune enchantment, gravel has a higher chance of dropping flint; at Fortune III, it's a guarantee. Fletcher Villagers will sell flint in exchange for Emeralds and Gravel. Fletcher Village house Chests have a chance to have 1-3 stacks of flint.


Flint is commonly used with an iron ingot, which makes the useful tool flint and steel, which is very commonly used to light TNT, activate Nether Portals and set fire to grass, wood, wooden planks, fences, Netherrack, etc. It can also be used in combination with sticks and feathers to make arrows for bows. Fletcher villagers and blacksmiths may buy some flint for an emerald.


Arrow Flint and Steel
(Shapeless recipe)
None Flint None None None None
None Stick None Iron Ingot None None
None Feather None None Flint None


  • An alternative of obtaining flint is by placing a block of gravel (in rows or by itself) and destroying it. A player can then place the gravel again and repeat the process until they obtain flint.
  • Along with Raw Fish, flint is the one of the only items used in a Villager's service: fishermen will cook raw fish, and fletchers will separate flint from gravel.


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