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Food is a type of item that is used to prevent players from starving and dying. In survival mode, one must eat to stay nourished and gain energy for surviving in the harsh wilderness. Depending on which biome a player is in, food sources can range from abundant to rare. If you eat all the food except Cake in Minecraft you will complete a challenge called "A Balanced Diet" in java edition only. You will regenerate health if you have a full hunger bar. The following is a list of all food items:

Food items[edit | edit source]

Item Hunger Restored Additional Effects
Apple (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Beetroot (File:Half Shank.png) N/A
Beetroot Soup (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Bread (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Chorus Fruit (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) Teleports the player to a random block in an 8-block radius
Cake (File:Shank.png) per slice
14 (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) total
Carrot (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Cookie (File:Shank.png) N/A
Dried Kelp (File:Half Shank.png) N/A
Golden Carrot (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Honey Bottle (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) Cures poison
Melon Slice (File:Shank.png) N/A
Milk None Removes all status effects, both positive and negative
Water Bottle None N/A
Mushroom Stew (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Potato (File:Half Shank.png) N/A
Baked Potato (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Poisonous Potato (File:Shank.png) 60% chance: File:Poison.png Poison (0:05)
Pumpkin Pie (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Golden Apple (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) Absorption (2:00)
File:Regeneration.png Regeneration II (0:05)
Enchanted Apple (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) Absorption IV (2:00)
File:Regeneration.png Regeneration II (0:20) [Java Edition only]
File:Regeneration.png Regeneration V (0:30) [Bedrock Edition only]
File:Fire Resistance.png Fire Resistance (5:00)
File:Resistance.png Resistance (5:00)
Raw Rabbit (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Rabbit (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Rabbit Stew 10 (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Raw Beef (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Steak (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Raw Chicken (File:Shank.png) 30% chance: File:HungerEffectNew.png Hunger (0:30)
Suspicious Stew (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) Gives a status effect depending on the flower it was made from
Sweet Berries (File:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Chicken (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Raw Cod (File:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Cod (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Raw Porkchop (File:Half Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Porkchop (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Raw Mutton (File:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Mutton (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Rotten Flesh (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) 80% chance: File:HungerEffectNew.png Hunger (0:30)
Spider Eye (File:Shank.png) File:Poison.png Poison (0:04)
Tropical Fish (File:Half Shank.png) N/A
Salmon (File:Shank.png) N/A
Cooked Salmon (File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png) N/A
Pufferfish (File:Half Shank.png) File:HungerEffectNew.png Hunger III (0:15)
File:Poison.png Poison IV (1:00)
File:Nausea.png Nausea II (1:00)

Ingredients Only[edit | edit source]

Ingredients are items used to make food items, but they can't be eaten themselves.

Inedible Items[edit | edit source]

Items that looks like edible but they are neither edible nor can make food items.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

File:Apple 1.14.png
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