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For the fossils that generate in the Nether, see Nether Fossil.

A fossil is a naturally-generated underground structure resembling the remains of a large ancient creature that was added in 1.10.


Fossils can be found buried underground on rare occasions in desert and swamp biomes. They are composed of several bone blocks arranged in the shape of a giant spinal column, rib cage, or skull. Some of the bone blocks may be replaced by coal ore.

Fossils are a good source of bones for players in peaceful mode. They can also generate in soul sand valleys, exposed above the ground in the Nether.

A fossil's generation does not depend on the Y level as it can generate at any depth, as long as it's underground.


  • Fossils turn into blocks like stone, iron ore, coal ore over time.[citation needed]
  • There is a 1 in 64 chance for a chunk to contain a fossil.
  • Fossils were first shown to be made out of quartz; however, this was most likely for demonstration purposes since fossils were made out of bone blocks and coal ore when they were first added.[1]
  • Some fossils can be completely be made out of coal ore blocks.


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