Glass Bottle

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A glass bottle is an item that can be used to hold various liquids. It is an essential component of the Brewing Process.


When empty, glass bottles can be stacked in a player's inventory. After being filled with water, the water bottle can be used in the brewing process. After using a Brewing Stand, a bottle will contain the potion that has been brewed. If a player drinks the potion/water/honey, it will return as an empty bottle. However, if the bottle is thrown (as a splash or lingering potion), the bottle will be lost in the process. It can be obtained by fishing.


As mentioned, glass bottles can contain potions. To start making a potion, one must fill a bottle with water. This can be done with a water-filled Cauldron, or at any source of Water by right-clicking while the glass bottle is equipped. Afterward, a player must place up to three water bottles in a brewing stand with one ingredient, such as Nether Wart. If Gunpowder is added to the potion, it will convert to a Splash Potion and can be thrown at other players or mobs.

If a glass bottle is used within a cloud of Particles left by an Ender Dragon's breath weapon, the bottle will be filled with Dragon's Breath.

If a glass bottle is used on a full Bee Nest or Beehive, it the bottle will be filled with Honey.


Glass Bottle x3
None None None
Glass None Glass
None Glass None


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  • Witches sometimes drop empty glass bottles when killed. They may also drop bottles filled with water when killed. This makes glass bottles a renewable resource.
  • If a player is on Fire, and they drink a bottle of water, the fire will be extinguished.
  • Cleric Villagers will buy glass bottles in exchange for Emeralds.
  • When put in a Dispenser next to a block of Water, a water bottle will be filled after the dispenser is activated.
  • Water Bottles can also be obtained through fishing.
  • A Honey Bottle is 2 pixels more filled than a Potion Bottle.