Glass Pane

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Glass Pane
First Appearance Beta 1.8 prerelease 1
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

Glass Panes are transparent half-blocks which can be used as an alternative to Glass. They were released in the Adventure Update, and are similar to iron bars.


They currently be placed horizontally. Glass panes are present in buildings of villages. When placed without anything on the sides of it, it will appear in the shape of a dot, but when something is placed on the sides of it, it will become flat or into a ┌ shape or a ┬ shape, depending on the items surrounding it. Cartographer villagers will buy glass panes for an emerald. Unlike fences, you can jump over them.


Glass Pane x16
None None None
Glass Glass Glass
Glass Glass Glass


  • Glass panes are much brighter than glass Blocks, thus making them more suitable for high-visibility structures.
  • If two glass panes are placed with one empty space in between, a Spider (which is 2 blocks wide) can still fit through.
  • Prior to 1.0, when destroyed, a player could pick it up again. In later versions it requires a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment to mine it, just like its full-block counterpart.