Glow Berries

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For other berry-related objects found in Minecraft, see Berry (Disambiguation).

Glow Berries are an upcoming plant that will be found in the lush caves biome, and will be added in 1.17.



Glow berries have an 11% chance to grow on cave vines when the vine grows down. They can be picked off of the vine and can be grown again using a bonemeal.

The ideal way to harvest would be to put the vine on a high-up block, wait for the vine to reach down as far as possible, and then break the block right below the top part of the vine. Then, the vine can continue growing again.


Each berry gives the player 2 hunger points each.


Using glow berries on a Composter has a 30% chance to raise its level by 1.


  • Foxes will eat these off of a cave vine similarly to the way they eat sweet berries.
  • This plant can be a very good decoration if you wanted a natural kind of look.
  • The glow berries are found in the lush caves biome along with the Axolotl. This new berry as its name suggests it will glow and will be used as decoration and food. This berry could maybe one of the sources of food for the Axolotls since they are found in the same place.
  • They could possibly serve as a fruit for caves.
  • This is a renewable source and is very similar to the sweet berry.