Glow Stick

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Glow sticks are chemistry-related items, which can be lit up in the player's hand for a limited time.


Glow Sticks cannot be found naturally, but they can be obtained by crafting them with chemical compounds on crafting table. Players can obtain them with different color when crafting with different dyes.


Glow Stick
Polyethylene Hydrogen Peroxide Polyethylene
Polyethylene Any Dye Polyethylene
Polyethylene Luminol Polyethylene

Light gray dye creates a glitched glow stick called


When equipped, players can shake and activate the glow stick by tap-and-holding the screen or using the interact key. If the player has activated them, they appear bright regardless of the light level. This is only an aesthetic change, as no light is emitted to the surrounding area. The glow stick's durability depletes while lit.


  • Putting two glow sticks in a grindstone results in getting a glitched item called


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