Glowing Obsidian

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Glowing Obsidian
First Appearance Pocket Edition alpha 0.5.0
Stackable Yes 64

Glowing obsidian is a block that appears in Pocket Edition


Glowing obsidian will appear when the Nether reactor core is activated. All the materials that are used to activate the reactor (14 cobblestone blocks and 4 gold blocks) will convert into glowing obsidian when the reactor is activated. The glowing obsidian appeared to be a red obsidian that glows. Once the reactor has "burned out" the glowing obsidian will then turn into regular obsidian which can then be collected with a diamond pickaxe. If it is mined while the reactor is activated, it will still drop regular obsidian. Glowing obsidian can currently only be obtained through editors, such as MCEdit.

File:Nether Reactor Obsidiam.jpg
The Glowing Obsidian appear after one activates the Nether Reactor

The Latest Updates

  • Version 1.02_6 is the first appearance of the glowing obsidian.
  • Version 1.02_7 added smoking effects on the glowing obsidian.
  • Version 1.20_8 fix bug for breaking the glowing obsidian and the Nether reactor.


  • After Update 0.12.1, the Nether reactor core was removed, which meant that glowing obsidian could no longer be spawned.
  • In older versions of PE, glowing obsidian could be mined with an iron pickaxe. However, this was removed in Update 0.7.3.
  • Players can use mods that add glowing obsidian to the creative inventory.