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Gravity is a game mechanic in Minecraft which functions similarly to the real-world natural phenomenon.


Gravity in Minecraft affects all players, mobs, items, liquids (such as lava or water), as well as certain types of blocks. Any entity affected by gravity will fall to the ground rapidly. If the entity is a mob or player, it will likely take fall damage if it has dropped from over a certain height.

Affected blocks

Most solid blocks in Minecraft do not obey gravity and will "float" in the air, even when all adjacent blocks are removed. There are, however, a few blocks that do obey gravity and will fall if not supported from below. These include:

Modifying factors

  • Flight - players who have activated flight mode are unaffected by gravity. This is only available in Creative Mode and Spectator Mode.
  • Feather Falling Enchantment - if a player's boots are enchanted with this effect, they will still fall to the ground at the same speed, but will take less fall damage. The higher the enchantment level, the less amount of fall damage a player will take.
  • Elytra - allows a player to safely glide down to the ground without taking damage while also controlling the direction of their descent.
  • Chickens - immune to fall damage, instead they flap their wings while falling to glide safely down to the ground.
  • Gravity-affected blocks - world generation may not update them, causing them to be "suspended". They may also be manually glitched this way.
    • If a player places a block on top of or next to a gravity affected block that is "suspended" in midair, the block will update and fall which will also update any adjacent, "suspended" gravity affected block in return.
  • Jump Boost - a status effect that makes players and mobs jump higher and take less fall damage.
  • Levitation - a status effect added in 1.9 that makes players and mobs float for a short period of time. A shulker's projectiles inflict entities with this status effect.
  • Slow Falling - a status effect added in 1.13 that makes players and mobs fall slowly, and negates any fall damage that would normally be dealt.