Gray Dye

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For a list of all colored dyes in Minecraft, see Dyes.

Gray Dye is a secondary color that can be used to re-color a number of items in Minecraft.


Gray dye is made by combining one Bone Meal and an Ink Sac in a crafting table. As with all other dyes, this dye can be used to re-color Sheep. This is useful if one wants a steady supply of a specific color of wool because sheep will regrow their wool after being sheared. To dye sheep with gray dye, a player must first equip a piece of gray dye in their hand, and then right-click the sheep. The sheep's wool will immediately turn gray.

Gray dye can also be used to re-color tamed wolf collars by right-clicking a tamed wolf while holding gray dye.

Wandering Traders will sell gray dye for an Emerald.



Gray dye can be used to re-color some types of blocks. However, this is not done while holding the dye in hand, but instead by placing the necessary items in a Crafting Table interface. It can also dye leather armor and leather horse armor by using gray dye on a filled cauldron, then using the armor/horse armor on the cauldron.

Light Gray Dye
(Shapeless recipe)
Gray Concrete Powder x8
None None None Gray Dye Sand Sand
White Dye Gray Dye None Sand Sand Gravel
None None None Gravel Gravel Gravel
Gray Wool
(Shapeless recipe)
Gray Stained Glass x8
Wool Gray Dye None Glass Glass Glass
None None None Glass Gray Dye Glass
None None None Glass Glass Glass
Gray Bed
(Shapeless recipe)
Gray Terracotta x8
None None None Terracotta Terracotta Terracotta
None Gray Dye Bed Terracotta Gray Dye Terracotta
None None None Terracotta Terracotta Terracotta
Gray Dye
(Shapeless recipe)
None None None
Ink Sac None Bone Meal
None None None

Note: The crafting recipe above will be replaced with Black Dye and White Dye in 1.14.