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Some Tips include the following..

1# Try to find dungeons/desert temples!

If you follow this tip, you can find saddles you will find you are able to put them on horses and ride them. Also, you will get more valuable loots such as gold ingots/nuggets, iron ingots/nuggets and some diamonds.

2# Tame wolves and cats!

Helpful links...Taming Wolf cat wolves are better and easier to find. Cats will scare off creepers,and wolves skeletons.

3# Navigate the nether!

Helpful links...Lodestone Compass connect the compass by right-clicking the lodestone with the compass in your hand. Disclaimer:may not work. Always place blocks that does not generate naturally in the Nether for your way back.

4# Protect your pet!

Get the wolf armor mod. Craft armor for your puppy with bones, Chestplate, Helmet, and Boots! Protect puppy

with this mod! Figure out how to craft with recipe book or find out on your own!

5# Deal with Ravagers!

Helpful links...Netherite Ravager put on full netherite! Netherite armor gives knockback resistance, helping you greatly. Armor may decrease damage. Use shields to defend Ravager's attacks. It will stun Ravagers for a couple of seconds while also defending its attack.

6# Keep a Milk Bucket with you at all times.

With milk, you can get rid of debuffs, and buffs.

Unfortunately, it will get rid of your hero of the village buff. For more info on this, click this link. raid

7# Always keep a water bucket in your hotbar.

By keeping it in your hotbar, it could save you from any fall damage.

8# Lily pads

#9 Cows

#10 Tips of finding a nether fortress.

Helpful links: Nether Fortress You should stay low near the lava levels as the Nether fortresses always stretch out into the lava level. It will be way easier to do so. Riding a strider is also recommended. If you have an unneeded saddle, take your warped fungus on a stick and ride the strider for faster travels while being in the lava level.

This will be extended! I just need more tips! (and time!)