Honey Block

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Honey Block
First Appearance 1.15 - Buzzy Bees
Stackable Yes 64

The honey block is a block that was added in 1.15. It can be crafted by using honey bottles. It functions like a slime block in some ways, but the exception that instead of bouncing entities higher, it keeps them on the block, as well as denying 80% of fall damage.


Honey Block Honey Bottle x4
(Shapeless recipe)
Honey Bottle Honey Bottle None Honey Block Glass Bottle Glass Bottle
Honey Bottle Honey Bottle None Glass Bottle Glass Bottle None
None None None None None None


Honey blocks will slow down the player, prevent jumping, and allow slower falling adjacent to them – similar to how a ladder works. Players who are falling and then brush along the honey block will be slowed down, completely reducing fall damage. Unlike the behavior of the slime block, mobs will not be launched high in the air if a piston pushes them up. Honey Blocks do not stick to slime blocks, meaning that infinite size doors can be created, among other things.


  • Before Beta, the Bedrock version of the honey block used the slime block's model.
  • As with hay bales, falling onto a honey block reduces the fall damage by 80%, i.e. the player or mob takes 20% of the normal fall damage.
  • They have the same sticky properties of slime blocks; when pushed by a piston, it will pull any moveable blocks along with it. It will not pull slime blocks or immovable objects (e.g. obsidian, furnace on Java Edition.)
  • Standing on these blocks will prevent players and mobs from jumping.
  • There is a glitch where crafting a honey block would give the player nothing and waste the honey bottles.