Honeycomb Block

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Honeycomb Block
First Appearance 1.15 (19w41a) (Java)
1.14.0 (BE)
Stackable Yes 64

The Honeycomb Block is a decorative block that was added in Java Edition 1.15 snapshot 19w41a. It can be crafted with four honeycombs.


Honeycomb blocks can be mined by any tool or by the player's fist.


Honeycomb Block
Honeycomb Honeycomb None
Honeycomb Honeycomb None
None None None


Honeycomb blocks are entirely decorative. Because they cannot be crafted back into honeycombs, they cannot to be used to store honeycombs in bulk.


  • While real-life honeycombs are based on a hexagonal tiling, the honeycomb block appears to be more akin to a square tiling, likely to fit in with the square/cubic theme of the game.
  • Honeycomb blocks on Bedrock Edition used to be crafted with 9 honeycombs.
  • Like the Block of Quartz and Magma Block, honeycomb blocks can't be crafted back into the material it was made with.