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For the status effect called "hunger" that drains the hunger bar, see Hunger (status effect).

File:Hunger bar.PNG
A food/hunger bar.

Hunger is a game mechanic that was added in Beta 1.8. Instead of directly restoring health, eating food will fill a player's food bar (sometimes referred to as the "hunger bar").


The hunger bar depletes slowly over time. When a player's food bar is File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png or higher, the health bar will slowly refill. A player's food bar will not decrease in "peaceful" mode. In Creative Mode, players do not have a hunger bar, although they will be able to eat. 

When a player is sprinting or jumping, the food bar will deplete much faster, and a player will be unable to sprint once the hunger bar falls to File:Shank.pngFile:Shank.pngFile:Shank.png or less. Players can get food poisoning from eating Raw Chicken, a PufferfishRotten Flesh, or getting hit by a Husk. Food poisoning changes the appearance of the hunger bar, giving it a green outline, and it causes the hunger bar to rapidly deplete.

If a player has the Saturation status effect (via commands or Honey Bottle), their hunger will never run out until the effect stops.

When the hunger bar is empty, a player's health decreases by half a heart every four seconds.

  • On "Easy" difficulty, it stops at 10 ().
  • On "Normal", it stops at 1 (File:Half Heart.png).
  • On "Hard" mode, the draining health does not stop until either a player dies or eats something to replenish their hunger bar.