Java Edition 1.RV-Pre1

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1.RV-Pre1, marketed as the "Trendy Update" is an April Fools' joke pre-release, announced and released on March 31, 2016.[1]


USB Charger Block
Reality Vision
  • Equipped via the helmet armor slot
  • Shows a 3D minimap in the bottom-center of the screen (which moves when the player's camera moves)
    • Shows currently render chunks
    • Displays vision overlay, similar to the pumpkin overlay
  • Stacks to 64
  • Signs display the text "OBEY" when the glasses are equipped, a reference to the movie They Live
Ankle Monitor
  • Equipped via the boots armor slot
  • Makes a sound each time the player gets a notification
  • Cannot be taken off in Survival Mode
  • Gives the player Slowness I effect
  • If the player moves too far from the world spawn at nighttime, it will display the text "CURFEW WARNING! You are violating your house arrest! Get back by X meters!" (where X is the distance).
  • Stacks to 64
Smarter Watch
  • Equipped in the off-hand slot
  • Shows the time above the hotbar in a human-readable format (i.e. 18:00 and 22:00)
  • Push notifications in chat whenever a statistic reaches a certain interval
    • For example: "Notice! [Distance Flown] is now 600!"


  • Have a chance of being equipped with any of the three items listed above
  • Read "OBEY" with reality shades equipped.
  • Sign text is now green

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