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15w14a is an April Fools' joke released on April 1, 2015. It was released as a hoax announcement and snapshot for Java Edition 1.10, which Mojang named The Love and Hugs Update. This update is unrelated to the actual 1.10 update, and no further snapshots were released.[1]


"Love" meter
  • Appears like the health bar, only across the whole top of the experience bar
  • Fills up when the player takes damage or left-clicks on mobs
  • Resets upon exiting the world
  • Collecting eight lines of hearts unlocks a game called "Minescreeper" – basically Minesweeper with a Minecraft-aesthetic.
Obsidian Boats
  • Sink instead of float
  • Crafted like regular boats, but with obsidian
Potions of Caring
  • Changes the mob AI to move toward the nearest mob as if it were to attack it
Potions of Sharing
  • Will spawn a random item when it is splashed at the ground. It will also give the effect of weakness.
Potions of Fun
  • Creates the invisible effect for the player.
  • Gives the nearest player an extra heart.
Potions of Love
Superflat QR code
A map showing the QR code.

On superflat worlds, near coordinates x=0, z=0, there is an area wherein some chunks snow is more frequent than usual chunks while raining and in others there is no snow even when raining, forming a QR code. When this code is scanned, it would reveal the name of The Combat Update.


  • Removed all graphical settings titles
  • A single pink, heart-shaped cloud will spawn in the sky. This cloud will not move like normal clouds.
  • The love.json shader is always used, which adds a red tint to everything. It cannot be changed
  • On main menu drastically changed
    • Only one splash is displayed: "Minecraft is love, Minecraft is life"
    • Removed the Realms button
    • Only one world is available, which can be reset.
      • Survival Mode is called "Existence"
      • The world must be named "There can only be one"
      • The "Allow Cheats" button is called "Allow Superpowers"
  • Removed combat, health, hunger, and Hardcore Mode
  • Removed Carrot on a Stick
  • Rain in all biomes will cause snow to form around the player. Even in hot biomes where it doesn't rain, snow still generates.
  • Lava is called "Liquid Cheese", and in a bucket, it is called "Cheese Bucket". This does not harm the player.
  • Banners have a heart pattern on them by default
  • Boats sink when the player rides them but float again when the player exits. They have a heart-shaped hole in the bottom.
    • Obsidian Boats will sink even if the player is out of the boat.
  • Bow and Arrow
    • Bows no longer require arrows
    • Shooting things with a love arrow makes them fall in love and breed
  • TNT renamed to "Love Bomb", and doesn't damage blocks when it explodes or affect other TNT blocks.
  • Wither replaced with a pink re-texture. All withers have a bonemeal effect and create harmless explosions.
  • The inside of a minecart has been replaced with pink cushion.
  • Creepers explode and drop 3 roses after being pet.
    • Creeper texture has also changed.
    • Petting a creeper for a certain ammount will flash the game Minescreeper over your screen.
    • This minigame is a pun on Minesweeper.
  • All basic tools have been replaced with varying hearts.
  • All particles have been replaced with the heart particle shown when petting or taming a mob.
  • You can now overfeed mobs up to 8 times. Feeding them 9 times will cause them to explode and die.
  • Hostile mobs that burn in sunlight no longer light on fire.
  • The ability to harm mobs has been removed.
  • All villager robes have changed to dark pink.
  • Running out of bubbles no longer causes the player to drown.
  • Ghasts are now rideable.
  • Attempting to ride a horse will make it stand on your shoulders.


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